dinner restaurant in meerut

Dinner Restaurant In Meerut

Meera’s Bistro is a leading Vegetarian Restaurant in Meerut. We are without a doubt extraordinary compared to other vegetarian restaurants in Meerut. We are the leaders of Dinner Restaurant in Meerut. Meera’s Bistro is a food club that serves astonishing soups, natural product nectars and enticing sundaes. The sundaes served here are elite to the imaginative cooks of the Meera's Bistro eatery. Once there, remember to attempt the tropical sundae, hot cocoa fudge and banana split.

vegetarian restaurant in meerut

The restaurant additionally offers conventional zesty tastes of pav bhaji and kulcha. A couple of side requests incorporate baked chunks, jalapeno pieces and Mozzarella cheese sticks. It is additionally a center point to Italian-Indian great pizzas. Individuals who love encountering various kinds of pizzas should attempt this restaurant also. The vegetarian lover food of the Meera's Bistro restaurant in Meerut merits investigating.

Foodies are not only hungry for food. They are ravenous for imaginative nourishment thoughts just as assortment in taste. This weekend, attempt one of these astonishing unadulterated veg restaurants in Meerut and delve into some superb food. The food which we are serving is available with us at reasonable rates. The quality and quantity served with us is in appropriate amount along with the best serving staff and chefs. Kindly find us at your immediate orders.